Ira Miller

Ira has lived in Ocala since 1994. He is originally from Davie, Florida where you were affectionately known as the “Davie Rednecks” because Davie was just a little country horse town when he was growing up there. Anyone from the South Florida area will know what he is talking about. He grew up on the race tracks of South Florida when his parents owned race horses in the 60’s and 70’s. Calder, Hialeah and Gulfstream Park were his hang outs at a young age. His aunt, Patricia Mayfield, bred Thoroughbreds in Ocala and this is why he came to Ocala; to help his aunt on her farm. Ira met his wife, Patricia Gritter in 1995 and married her shortly after. Her father is Jim Gritter of “Gritter’s Realty Investments”, who only sold Farms and Acreage. Jim is now retired but a consultant to Central Florida Farms and Land. He has 45 years in the business of buying and selling farms and land and is a valuable asset to the team. Many of you who may have been in the horse farm industry for a while may know or heard of Jim. He is a no nonsense, get it done, type of guy.

Ira is working on his 19th year in real estate as a real estate “Broker Associate”. He is also a State Licensed Residential Contractor ( CRC 057060 ) and a State Licensed Home Inspector ( HI 5431 ). You can’t go wrong with this type of experience from the team at Central Florida Farms and Land.