About ME

About Me



I have been in the Thoroughbred Horse industry all my life. My parents owned racehorses in South Florida and took me and my brother to the race track almost everyday when we had our race horse and were training these horses. Calder, Hialeah, and Gulfstream were my home away from home when I was a child. Then growing up I got into the construction industry by starting out with drafting homes and then eventually building homes. Today, I still have my contractors license and I have built many homes in the past before getting into real estate. I moved to Ocala in 1996 and moved in with my aunt who bred Thoroughbreds on a 7 acre farm. I actually helped her with breeding and even built her a barn myself with my dad and brother’s help and helped around the farm repairing fences and such. So farms and land have a soft place in my heart. I am passionate about this part of real estate. I look forward to talking with you and helping you find the perfect home, farm or property.